May 2023

Our new paper on interactive concept learning for uncovering themes in text collections was accepted to Findings of ACL 2023!

Apr 2023

At Queer in AI we are proud to present our FAccT 2023 paper on Queer in AI as a case study for community-led participatory design in AI

Oct 2022

Don’t miss our COLING 2022 Tutorial on Neuro-Symbolic NLP! This is joint effort with Sean Welleck, Dan Goldwasser, Vivek Srikumar, Yeijin Choi and Dan Roth

Sep 2022

Our new hands-on demo on neuro-symbolic modeling with DRaiL was accepted to EMNLP 2022!

July 2022

I’ll be giving a keynote at the LatinX in NLP Workshop @ NAACL 2022

April 2022

Our new paper on a holistic framework to analyze opinions about the covid vaccine was accepted to NAACL 2022

Feb 2022

Our new paper on learning social context representations for fake-news detection was accepted to ACL 2022

Dec 2021

Our new paper on leveraging NLP for automated attack synthesis was accepted to IEEE S&P 2022. This is a collaboration with NDS2 @ Northeastern University